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HabbatOlive 88 60
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Specification of HabbatOlive 88 60

HabbatOlive 88 60

-HABBATUSSAUDA type Habbasyi coldpress and Oil ZEITUN TURSINA Extra virgin cold press,
  as well as hard capsule shells that do not cause oil to heat treatment.
-Capsules are made from a mixture of HALAL cow's gelatin material.
-Sign up in the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) with POM TR 173301901
-The Benefits of Herbal Medicine and Natural Medicine HabbatOlive88 (Black Seed + Olive):
. Increase stamina and the immune system
. Anti Oxidant
. Overcome hypetension
. Smooth blood circulation
. lowers cholesterol
. Helps overcome stroke
. Overcoming sore muscles
. Helps overcome diabetes
. Improve liver function
. prevent brain hemorrhage
. Helps prevent heart disease
. Prevent tumors
. Good for nursing mothers
. and much more

Price List HabbatOlive88:
-package contents 200 capsules = Rp.110.000
-package content of 100 capsules = Rp.60.000
-package contents 60 capsules = Rp. 40,000

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